Fête des Lumières

The outdoor music festivals are part of the culture of this French city and they attract millions of visitors each year.

The city hosts the famous light festival, Fête des Lumières, where the residents of Lyon celebrate the Virgin Mary and have done so since 1643. The statue of Virgin Mary stands on the Fourvière hill, overlooking the city. The residents light candles in their window sills and balconies on the night of 8th December.

Lyon becomes the Capital of Lights during this four-day festival and fills up with performers and visitors in the streets of the city centre.

During the 2019 Fête des Lumières our partner Acoucité will measure noise levels at selected places in the city centre and perform interviews with residents and visitors in order to investigate the impact of the light festival on city life. For more information contact:

Bruno VINCENT, directeur

Pôle de compétence bruit

Observatoire de l’environnement sonore

24, rue Saint Michel 69007 Lyon

Tél : Port : (+33) 6 88 47 07 86



Sound Level Meters (SLM) are place in different locations around the city centre.

Two of the SLMs provides data for the city platform. The locations are shown on the map below.

Noise Level Data

The Sound Level Meters measure the average sound level (LAeq) over 5 minutes. An LAeq reading of 81 dB means that the average continuous sound level over 5 minutes has been 81 decibels. The sound level is measured with MONICA B&K IoT enabled Sound Level Meters.

Noise measurements